About Me

I'm a software engineer based in Kalamazoo, MI. My goal is to use technology to make people's lives better. I believe the most important part of software engineering is to deeply understand the problem being solved, especially from the user's perspective.

I'm comfortable in JavaScript, Ruby, and Go but I am always open to new challenges. I'm comfortable ramping up on new languages or technologies quickly.

Most recently I co-created Hypha, an observability framework that correlates logs and traces to make it easier to debug distributed systems.

Josh Keller


Hypha is an open-source observability framework for distributed systems that combines the context of traces with the detail of logs. It deploys an end-to-end telemetry pipeline that sets up distributed tracing, aggregates existing logs, and correlates logs with traces.

Hypha's architecture diagram

Hypha’s UI faciliates a debugging workflow that minimized context switching, allowing users to flow between logs and traces to get a full view of their system.

Hypha's UI

I built Hypha as part of a remote team of software engineers using technologies such as Docker, OpenTelemetry, Grafana, NodeJS, Grafana Loki and Jaeger.

Other Projects

  • RequestBin Webhook HTTP Tool


    RequestBin-like HTTP request inspection tool built for debugging webhooks.

    Go, MongoDB, deployed on DigitalOcean Droplet with Nginx reverse proxy.

  • Trello KanBan Tool


    Trello-like project management tool.

    React/Redux, Node.js, Express, RESTful API, MongoDB.

  • Simple ebook reader webapp

    eBook Reader Webapp

    A simple webapp for eBook reading.

    Ruby, Sinatra, JavaScript, ERB